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Obesity affects every field of life and is among the principal contributing factors for many dangerous health conditions affecting many people including children and teens. In the U.S., this is at epidemic levels, and it should be far past time to get started addressing this life-threatening matter.


While it is not restricted by gender, the ethnicity and socioeconomic status of people are at an increased risk. Decades ago, this was never even a problem. But because parents have now adopted a lifestyle that involved processed and sugary foods, more children and young adults today the consequences of obesity.


Childhood obesity impacts the wellness of the developing child. The absolute most efficient thing we can do to reduce childhood obesity is help children remain in touch with their bodies and teach healthy eating habits. It is also important to nurture these kids as psychological problems is also a contributing factor to uncontrolled weight gain. Obesity in children has turned into a challenging issue for doctors and parents today.


“If you're heading towards becoming overweight, it might be a very good notion to shed weight,” explained by Sir Richard Peto, a professor at Oxford University. In Australia, obesity is now a severe public health issue as well, even surpassing smoking as a prominent source of lifestyle illness.


The Truth About Obesity

Most people believe that obesity is just due to overeating of high-calorie foods, but that's not the entire and accurate story. Obesity can also be acquired genetically. This means if a child has one or both obese parents, then he or she is more likely to suffer from weight problems as well. This is the reason why some people just find it more difficult to shed the extra pounds while other rarely experience weight issues.


The impact on obesity to mental health is also detrimental. Being overweight can bring about poor self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. In fact, for younger adults and children, this problem can aggravate bullying. Parents are therefore held accountable to instill self-confidence and healthy habits if their children are suffering from weight problems.


As for older people, being obese increases the chances of muscle and joint pain - particularly more prevalent with the back and spine. As the pain in the back increases, it also affects the person's mobility and overall lifestyle. Additionally, it has been observed that obesity will shortly be accountable for more cancers than smoking. As it is the root cause of many other medical conditions, it is believed to result in heart diseases and even death.


Remember, the only means to escape obesity is to eat healthier and have a normal exercise routine. Doing so will decrease the risk of coronary disease and other lifestyle conditions like diabetes.


Last Resolution To Obesity

For adults, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are the consequences of uncontrolled diet and weight. Alongside it is the scary diseases that tie with this epidemic. One final solution (if exercise no longer works) that many doctors recommend is bariatric surgery.


This surgery is considered as a treatment for obesity which ties your stomach and leaves less space for food - making patients feel fuller quicker and with less amount of food intake. Many patients have found this surgery to be effective. In fact, numerous success stories are circulating on the internet about bariatric surgery weight loss.


Fostering obesity prevention can be simple and empowering, mainly when you impart this knowledge at a young age.  When it comes to childhood obesity or adult obesity, the simple truth is that it indeed is a widespread issue. Morbid obesity poses plenty of severe health risks as the excess fat puts a good deal of pressure on the bones and the critical organs. If not prevented, it can cause death.

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